Reliable Protection

As an advanced adhesives and sealants manufacturer, Resin Designs develops and produces products for
applications such as PCB Assembly and Enclosures, Medical Devices, Connector Sealing, EMI Shielding,

Structural Bonding, and Thermal Management.

Available technologies include UV, single, and dual-component systems based on epoxy, urethane, and acrylate

technologies.  Other capabilities include pre-cured Silicone Gels, B-Staged Epoxy films, thermal management
products, and rapid development of custom formulations.


Resin Design Electrically Conductive Materials

Electrically Conductive Materials


Resin Designs™ develops and manufactures specialty polymer systems to meet your specific application requirements. Our expertise extends to epoxies, urethanes and multi-cure light systems.

Resin Designs™ provides variations of products to suit your individual needs. We will custom design systems that reflect our willingness to adapt existing products and technologies and create new ones. Our products and innovative polymer technology have made us an emerging leader in the industry.


Innovative Solutions from Resin Designs

Offering a wide range of adhesives, sealants, encapsulants, and thermal management solutions.


  • Pruner Transmission Rotor

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for material for a pruner transmission rotor. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-68 Plastic Gear Grease. The grease was more robust, and the customer was able to perform over 5000 cycles with no heating or transmission failure. What is the application? Pruner Transmission Rotor What industry/market was this material…

  • Lubricating The Drive Train

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material to lubricate their drive train. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-N Metal Assembly Paste. The high density and low coefficient of friction of the product from MOLYKOTE® made it perfect for this application. What is the application? Lubricating a drive train. What issues was the end-user…

  • 3M VHB Tape "rethink what's possible do more with plastics and other low surface energy materials using 3M VHB Tape" are placed over a domestic background with a roomba.

    Case Study of 3M VHB Tape for Low Surface Energy Surfaces

    It’s time to replace screws, rivets, welds, and other traditional fasteners with a better solution — 3M VHB Tape. 3M™ VHB™ Tape offers manufacturers a distinct bonding advantage by spreading stress loads across the entire length of the joint, permanently adhering materials with a powerful bond. 💢Durability for Long-Term Performance 💢Resist cold, UV light, temperature…

  • Molten solder that is smoking in the background, Krayden corners of red and black. Text over solder "case study on the reliability of lead free low silver alloys" Found at Krayden.

    Case Study on the Reliability of Lead Free Low Silver Alloys in Solders

    Alpha Solder presents a case study discussing the structural integrity of the ALPHA® SACX Plus® 0307 SMT. This product was developed as countries moved to lead free solder in plumbing and electronics. The comparative analysis of SAC305 and SACX Plus 0307 SMT focuses on the bulk alloy properties thermal, mechanical and others. Additionally, studying the…

  • Solar panel framed by black and red triangles with logos and black text in the center.

    DuPont Solar Case Study

    In this week’s Case Study, DuPont Global Field Research report shares common structural issues that solar panels develop after they have been installed. This study spans ten years, and has illustrated the FortaSun product line to address the specific needs of their customers. Their research has led to better understanding of the best materials to…

  • Grey geometric background with banner appearing with screws in corner. image framed with screws in all four corners. Found at Krayden in the bottom right corner.

    Should Primer be Used with your Threadlocker?

    GorillaPro Threadlockers of various strengths can be used with anaerobic primers in order to create stronger adherence when gasketing, pipe sealing, or  working with inactive metals. Find out how anaerobic primers can speed up the cure time of your GorillaPro threadlockers. 

    Read more here.



  • Laptop icon with screen saver peeling off of the screen

    Behind The Screens

    Do you ever wonder HOW screens stay in place on a smartphone, in a new car, or on a watch? Check out the DOW product behind the advancements in technological displays: DOWSIL VE-6001 UV_T. As a one-part UV cure product, it is easy to handle and provides excellent reliability for everyday technologies. Download the DOWSIL…

  • Circuit Board with text positioned in left top corner

    New TIMs Enabling High Power Density Applications

    Henkel’s BERGQUIST GAP PAD material will power the next generation of high power density devices due to the increasing requirements for lower-stress materials. GAP PAD HC 5.0 is formulated on an entirely new chemistry platform with unique filler technology.

    Download the full whitepaper here.

  • Coating PCB

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material for coating PCB. We recommended DOW 1-2577LV. The silicone material is compatible to other silicone coatings that they are using and it RTV cured. What is the application? Coating a PCB. What issues was the end-user having? The company was using a specific silicone…

  • Mold Release for Shower and Bath Polyester Inserts

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material for releasing shower and bath polyester inserts. We recommended Loctite Frekote 720NC. The material was reliable and very effective with the polyester molds and deep sections. What is the application? Mold release for shower and bath polyester inserts. What issues was the end-user having?…

  • Bonding Large and Small Die Integrated Circuits

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material for bonding large and small die integrated circuits with variable thermal expansion as well in automated assembly processes. We recommended Loctite Ablestik 965-1L. The material was reliable and very effective with a good level of contamination resistivity. What is the application? Bonding large and…

  • Applying Ablative Material Onto Rocket Nozzles

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material to apply onto rocket nozzles exposed to extreme high flux temperatures forming an insulator layer. We recommended Dow 93-104. The material was reliable and very effective. It also simplified processing conditions and was easy to apply and remove. What is the application? Apply ablative…