HumiSeal UV500 Conformal Coating
recently approved by FORD for use
on automotive electronic systems

HumiSeal UV500 is a UV dual cure, high solids elastomeric acrylate
conformal coating. It offers excellent flexibility, moisture resistance,
chemical resistance and great electrical insulation properties

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HumiSeal UV40 Conformal Coating

HumiSeal UV40 is a single component, high solids, UV curable, acrylated polyurethane conformal coating


HumiSeal Products are conformal coatings which are designed to prevent corrosion and degradation of electronic assemblies in circuit boards and automotive electronics control components. These products are also used widely in the military and aerospace electronics to protect components from extremely hazardous environments. Generally there are two usual conformal coating standards which apply to circulated qualified product list, the MIL-I-46058C and UL746E. These standards test products rigorously to assure that they are safe as well as high quality.

HumiSeal Products are manufactured by Chase Electronic Coatings, an operating division of Chase Corporation. Chase manufactures conformal coatings of all chemistries such as acrylics, urethanes and silicones, both water based and UV curable. The company strives for innovation and is always searching for ways to further improve conformal coatings.

HumiSeal 1A33 Conformal Coating

HumiSeal 1A33 is a single component, polyurethane conformal coating used for general printed circuit board applications


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  • Refrigerator Temperature Control and Display

    The story: Krayden partnered with a global appliance manufacturer and leveraged the newly developed Humiseal UV13W to solve their humidity, vibration and run rate issues. The material delivered the right cure system, dielectric properties, had good adhesion and the needed run rate performance. The solution delivered both a UV cure AND a conformal coating. Since…

  • Circuit Board Assembly

    The story: Working closely with Humiseal and a leader in circuit board assembly, we used the Humiseal 1A33 gel to build a dam around the connectors to ensure the material remains where it is dispensed, avoiding the dreaded “wicking.” Although the conformal coating was more expensive, this new process eliminated the previous time consuming rework,…

  • HumiSeal UV 50LV UV Curable Conformal Coating

    HumiSeal UV50LV UV Curable Acrylate Polyurethane Conformal Coating HumiSeal is the only supplier specialized in conformal coating manufacture. They have been innovating for over 50 years and creating products that utilize natural occurring resources whenever possible. HumiSeal takes pride in the goal and commitment that within the next 40 years they aim to reduce the…

  • HumiSeal UV92 Masking

    HumiSeal UV92 is a single component, UV curable, soft masking material providing a temporary barrier to stop the entrance of conformal coatings into unwanted areas.This innovative masking material offers outstanding solvent resistance that provides selective release from conformal coatings. The coating has an operating temperature ranging between -50 to 150°C. UV92 is available in 30CC,…

  • HumiSeal 1C49HVF Silicone Encapsulant

    HumiSeal 1C49HVF Solvent-Free Silicone Encapsulant   Demonstrating excellent flexibility, HumiSeal 1C49HVF is a solvent-free and VOC-free silicone encapsulant designed to protect printed circuit assemblies from moisture and other environmental elements. This material fluoresces under UV light, making it easy to inspect and it is repairable. HumiSeal 1C49HVF is a high build, moisture curing encapsulant, and…

  • HumiSeal 1C51 Silicone Conformal Coating

    For coating applications that require quick thermal curing, HumiSeal 1C51 is ideal. Perfect for spraying and dipping, this single component, low viscosity coating demonstrates great flexibility. HumiSeal 1C51 is VOC-free, has a long pot life, and is silicone based. This conformal coating contains an optical brightener that improves the ability to inspect the material under…

  • HumiSeal 1C49LVF Silicone Conformal Coating

    If you are seeking a source for outstanding protection against moisture and environmental elements for printed circuit assemblies, look no further than HumiSeal 1C49LVF. This conformal coating is silicone-based, and VOC solvent-free. HumiSeal 1C49LVF is moisture curing, repairable, flexible, has a low viscosity, and fluoresces under UV light when an inspection is required. This material…

  • HumiSeal UV500 Conformal Coating

    HumiSeal UV500 was just recently approved by Ford for use on Automotive Electronic Systems. HumiSeal UV500 is a UV dual cure, high solids elastomeric acrylate conformal coating. The innovative material offers flexibility, moisture resistance, chemical resistance and it displays excellent electrical insulation properties. UV500 is tack free after exposure to UV light and any exposed…

  • HumiSeal 1B31LOC

    An advanced conformal coating formulated to protect electronics is the HumiSeal 1B31 LOC. This innovative acrylic coating is solvent based with low VOC. It is a one component, fast drying material that has exceptional environmental and moisture protection for printed circuit assemblies. HumiSeal 1B31 has excellent flexibility, is IPC-CC-830, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant and MIL-I-46058C…

  • HumiSeal 1B51

    Buy HumiSeal 1B51 HumiSeal 1B51 is a single component, fast drying, conformal coating. It is made from synthetic rubber and is well suited for providing environmental and moisture protection on printed circuit assemblies. This innovative material has extremely low vapor permeability because of its unique base polymer.  HumiSeal 1B51 has low stress, excellent flexibility and…

  • HumiSeal UV40 Solar Conformal Coating

    Buy HumiSeal UV40 Solar Conformal Coating HumiSeal UV40 Solar is an acrylated polyurethane conformal coating that possesses excellent moisture resistance, flexibility and chemical resistance. This advanced material is formulated to be used under prolonged exposure to sunlight providing resistance to degradation and discoloring. The main applications this material is well suited for includes weather exposed…

  • HumiSeal 1A33

    HumiSeal 1A33 is an oxygen curing, high quality polyurethane conformal coating designed for general printed circuit board applications. This material is MIL-I-4605C qualified, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC and IPC –CC-830 complaint. 1A33 contains no free isocyanates and fluoresces under UV light allowing easy inspection of the coating. HumiSeal 1A33 is a one component, self-extinguishing, transparent polyurethane…

  • HumiSeal 1B73

    HumiSeal 1B73 is a highly advanced acrylic conformal coating. This cutting-edge material is IPC-CC-83, MIL-I-46058C qualified and RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant. The primary application of HumiSeal 1B73 is as a conformal coating for printed assemblies and electronic components. It is documented under the UL File Number E105698 as well as having a flammability rating per…

  • HumiSeal UV40-250 UV Curable Conformal Coating

    HumiSeal UV40-250 is a high quality acrylated polyurethane conformal coating. This engineered conformal coating is UV curable and it becomes tack-free after exposure to light. HumiSeal UV40-250 UV Curable Conformal Coating is IPC-CC-830, RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC compliant and is recognized under the UL File Number E105698. HumiSeal UV40-250 is a low viscosity, one part, UV…

  • HumiSeal 1C63

    Buy HumiSeal 1C63 HumiSeal 1C63 is a single component, UV or RTV cure, oxime-type cure, silicone conformal coating designed to provide environmental protection for printed circuit assemblies and a variety of electronic components. It is a non-corrosive engineered material that becomes tack-free when exposed to UV light. The main application of HumiSeal 1C63 dual cure…

  • HumiSeal UV40 Conformal Coating

    The popular Humiseal UV40 conformal coating is now available as a gel.  The UV40 gel by Humiseal was formulated specifically for some large scale LED (light emitting diode) applications including the huge LED displays that are seen in sporting stadiums where a light weight coating was needed.  Humiseal UV40 gel is ideal when a light…

  • Solar Power 2009-Material Suppliers Combine Forces to Address Growing Industry Needs

    K.R. Andreson Inc. and Krayden Inc. announce they have combined their marketing forces to service, support and supply the growing solar industry.  Both companies are leading suppliers for high technology applications in manufacturing and represent “The Premier Material Manufacturers” in the industry.  The most recent list of Krayden, Inc and KR Anderson’s manufacturing partners include;…


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