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Krayden is a technical distributor.  Our account representatives are trained and experienced to help OEM engineers navigate through the process of identifying the most appropriate products to perform, with the quality required for their applications, at a price point and availability to meet the companies needs.

Solving Problems…Krayden Headquarters Anna Thao Customer Service Rep Dec-2011

When there are problems to overcome, that’s when our experience and devotion shines the most.  We work to solve your problems whether it requires a custom formulation, repackaging for accommodation or bringing in a manufacturer with us on site to identify a solution to your particular application needs.

When You Need More…

We work to provide you with all the resources possible on our website but sometimes you need more than what you can find online, you need someone with the experience and knowledge to help you find a solution quickly and efficiently. Krayden’s team of over 100 technical engineer account representatives come from varying backgrounds and experience, each one bringing their own expertise and value whether it be over 25 yrs in the adhesives business or a degree in chemistry or a history of experience in aerospace or electronics… together our team forms the most knowledgeable force in our industry – second to none!

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Use Us, We Are Here To Help…

Whether you just have a quick question on cure time in a specific humidity or would like a full materials analysis review of productsKrayden President Wayne Wagner being used in your applications, we are here to help.  Our technical account reps have performed audits that have decreased overall production cost and improved processing speed resulting in upwards of 6-10% profit increase in some cases. We have other success stories where we were able to identify a product with newer technology replacing a more expensive and less successful solution the customer had been using for years.