Custom Fabrication

Krayden provides a wide range of services to meet the needs and demands of customers worldwide.

One of the high-quality services provided is fabrication for RFI and EMI shielding, thermal management, surface films, and tapes. The fabrication service is ISO 9001:2000 certified and consistently provides high-quality products to enhance customer satisfaction. All outgoing orders are inspected using a high standard derived from the ISO 9001:2000 certification and each lot is carefully tracked and inspected all the way to its final packaging. KRAFAB provides many innovative and efficient processes including:

Electromagnetic Shielding (EMI)

EMI is crucial for electronic components including form-in-place gasketing. KRAFAB offers products beyond standard gaskets to provide creative solutions to a wide variety of IC packages. A variety of these packages have space or closure force needs beyond standard gaskets. Many products provided by Krayden’s fabrication service are manufactured by Chomerics. From Cho-Seal, Cho-Form, Soft Shield, Spring Line, Cho-Foil and Polasheet/Polastrip. Using all of the creative EMI shielding products to satisfy and meet all the requirements of customers.

With all of the EMI Shielding products provided by Krayden’s fabrication service, Form-in-place gasket services are provided as well.
Offering fast, high quality, high volume solutions to EMI shielding. By utilizing custom prototyping, designers can forward or send in drawings for quotations and rapid prototype turnaround. Also featuring z-change gaskets and complex shielding that are superior to other shielding solutions provided in the industry.

Applying engineered products and years of experience is a key element of this fabrication service.
Offering high quality custom services such as die-cutting, custom splicing and much more is what differentiates this service from their competitors. The custom die-cutting service includes kiss-cut, rotary die and clicker die. Matching the correct materials and utilizing the right process to provide high precision cuts. From short run jobs to large volume ones, KRAFAB will individually package or provide easy to use packaging for larger volumes after any cutting service offered.

With a variety of services and products to meet the needs and demands of customers, Krayden’s fabrication service which is provided by KRAFAB, has the skills and technological advancements to satisfy those demands. KRAFAB provides products that perform, service that delivers and knowledge that serves. For more information regarding products or services, please visit: