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As one of Dow’s largest Electronics distributors globally, Krayden has partnered with Dow for 45 years to serve the Aerospace, Electronics, Transportation and General Industrial communities. Krayden is the only 5-time distributor of the Year for Dow NA, so we’re proud of the collective hard work and collaboration of both of our teams. Our global staff of Sales Engineers, in partnership with the Dow Global Technical Team, deliver our mutual customers practical, economic and performance benefits to help optimize product performance, and save time and money. No matter what your challenge, the Teams at Krayden and Dow have likely already developed a logical solution you can use for your business.

Krayden and Dow…The human element at work. Working closely with our customers we deliver products and solutions that create value and competitive advantage while positively impacting the world we live in. Collectively, our efforts have lasting results, creating higher performance for our customers and reshaping the world around us to build a better future for everyone.

Dow Delivers Solutions at the Intersection of Science and Markets



Dow Under-Hood Sealant Treatment

Automotive engine control unit manufacturer specifies Dow Corning sealant for demanding under-hood service environment.


Dow is a company that is thriving to reinvent themselves and drives innovations that extract value from the material, polymer, chemical, and biological sciences to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems. Silicone allows for thermal stability with high-temperature resistance and wide temperature range retention of elastomeric properties.

Thermal conductivity provides stability over various operating conditions and environments. With silicone, it is able to retain flexibility at high filler content. It also retains flowable viscosity at high filler content with good wetting properties to minimize contact thermal resistance while still allowing for a water resistant chemical stability.  


DOWSIL 1-4174 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

DOWSIL 1-4174 is a ceramic filler and silicone polymer. It is able to bond circuit substrates, base pate attach, heat sink attach, adhering lids and housing.


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  • Pruner Transmission Rotor

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for material for a pruner transmission rotor. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-68 Plastic Gear Grease. The grease was more robust, and the customer was able to perform over 5000 cycles with no heating or transmission failure. What is the application? Pruner Transmission Rotor What industry/market was this material…

  • Lubricating The Drive Train

    The story: Krayden partnered with a company looking for a material to lubricate their drive train. We recommended MOLYKOTE® G-N Metal Assembly Paste. The high density and low coefficient of friction of the product from MOLYKOTE® made it perfect for this application. What is the application? Lubricating a drive train. What issues was the end-user…

  • DOW Seller of the Year 2017

    Denver – August 29, 2018 – Krayden Inc. is delighted to reveal that two of our Technical Sales Representative, Anna Epley and Sergio Pelayo, have received the Gold and Silver awards from Dow as Sellers of the Year. This annual award (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) is given to the top Dow distributor sellers who demonstrates…

  • DOWSIL TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Adhesive

    DOWSIL TC-2022 Thermally Conductive Single Component Adhesive DOWSIL TC-2022, formerly Dow Corning TC-2022, is a single component, high tensile strength, thermally conductive adhesive. The innovative product requires no mixing, has no added solvents, can be used with heat-sensitive substrates and components. Dow TC-2022 is suitable for bonding integrated circuit boards, heat sink attach, adhering lids…

  • Dowsil PR-1205 RTV Prime Coat Adhesive

    DOW DOWSIL PR-1205 RTV Primer Clear Dowsil PR-1205 (Formally Dow Corning PR-1205) is a one-part RTV prime coat that enhances the bonding and adhesion of heat cure and RTV silicones to many ceramics, plastics, and metals. This primer is a dilute solution of saline coupling agents and other active ingredients. The use of solvents in…

  • DOWSIL 832 Multi-Surface Sealant Adhesive

    DOWSIL 832, formerly known as Dow 832, is a single component, neutral cure, low odor, multi-surface adhesive sealant used to bond and seal a wide variety of substrates where unprimed adhesion or non-corrosive sealant is required. The typical applications well suited for this product includes sealing and repairing gutters, roof penetrations, marine equipment, windows, concrete…