Custom Packaging

Krayden offers a variety of custom packaging for sealants, adhesives, and specialty chemicals.

ANAB and ORI accredited

Krayden’s custom packaging is specifically designed for a wide range of materials used in aerospace, electronics, general industrial and much more. The main repackaging formats provided include:

  • Metal and Plastic tube filling
  • Barrier and Injection
  • SemKit Filling
  • Syringe Filling
  • Clip-Paks

The injection system

The injection system is a simple process that consists of a plastic cartridge filled with a resin and a syringe type of rod that contains the curing agent. The rod is pushed into the cartridge which compresses the resin and causing the syringe type of rod to rupture, injecting the curing agent into the resin mixing the two materials together. The barrier style packaging fills a cartridge with a base or resin with an accelerator, but in the middle there is a barrier that keeps the two materials separated. Krayden is capable in providing both barrier and injection for a variety of materials.

Semkit packaging

Semkit packaging is a two component, disposable plastic cartridge that is suitable to mix and apply multiple component materials. It uses the barrier or injection system to fill the Semkits. The materials that are typically packaged include adhesives, epoxies, greases, inks, lubricants, sealants and silicone. This advanced filling system accurately measures and proportions the correct amount of material that is required. The material can be mixed either automatically or manually. It is available in 50 ml to 1500 ml packages.


Krayden also provides Clip-Paks as one of our many custom packaging options. Clip-Paks are barrier pouches that are available in 1 gram to 4 pound sizes. A specially designed clip is placed on the package separating the two components. Once the two materials are ready to be mixed, the clip can be removed allowing them to come together and mix within the enclosed pouch. This eliminates the need for scales or mix ratio as well as removing the risk of potentially contaminating the material. The Clip-Paks are ideal for workstations, field service and remote site applications. It is ideal for storing and mixing urethanes, silicones, potting compounds, primers and epoxies.

With Years of experience and the advanced knowledge of custom packaging, Krayden is capable of providing a variety of packaging systems for a wide range of industries. With a strong dedication to serving our customer, Krayden provides innovative custom packaging to fit the needs and demands of customers worldwide. From filling Semkit packages to providing a different way of mixing materials using Clip-Paks, Krayden’s vision is to make custom packaging as simple as possible.

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